DELUXE trip with DINNER                              

"This boat trip to hidden bays on the island of Brac is the perfect choice for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, with dinner on the boat at sunset being the icing on the cake


✓  dinner (grilled fish or meat/ vegetarian option,                            sausages, bread, salate)

✓  no-limited drinks: water, lemonade, wine

START                                   15:30  

STARTING PLACE               Brela port - click for map

RETURN                            20:30 

► Deluxe dinner on the boat, no-limited drinks 

► jumping from boat, music, return back to the port of Brela


         AN ADULT PERSON              ... 50,00 € 

        CHILDREN UNDER 12 years ... 25,00 €  

The tour also includes swimming from the boat, so I recommend bringing inflatable mattresses and a diving mask. Departure by boat is at 15h from the port of Brela, and all those who are not from Brela (area from Lokva Rogoznica to Tučepi) at 14.15h have an organized taxi. The first break after 50 minutes of sailing is a small town in a beautiful bay, where we take a break for coffee and ice cream. I also recommend a quiet walk with ice cream in hand because I love this place, I believe you will like it. After an hour, we sail from just 20 minutes to another hidden, beautiful Luka bay. This is where we'll anchor. Use this time for sunbathing, light pleasure with a glass of wine, swimming from the boat, diving - there is a break for swimming from the boat in the crystal clear sea, away from the crowds with the smell of the grill. The captain will inform you when dinner is ready. With light notes, the panorama of the coast, the beautiful bays of Vruja, a good bite will definitely suit you.         
     Around 20:30 our trip comes to an end.