"For all persons who have an adventurous spirit and look for adventures, we have prepared                        KAYAK SAFARI ON RIVER VRLJIKA"


✓  2x transfer from hotel to kayak starting point and back to hotel

✓  full equipment (helm, life vest, paddle, kayak) 


       AN ADULT PERSON              ...  40,00 € 

         CHILDREN UNDER 12 years ... 20,00 €  

Vrljika is in many ways unique karst river that flows through the entire length of the Imotski field. Vrljika abound with many biodiversity and endemic species (especially fish), and it is still unexplored. In the summer months, unbridled river calms its stream and becomes ideal for rowing in a kayak.

The experience of paddling will beautify the green coast of the river full of plants, birds and curious little animals. Vrljika flows through untouched nature that is the complete opposite of crowded beaches and tourists along the coast.

Kayak safari on the river Vrljika offers to You a unique opportunity to enjoy the hidden beauty of nature and discover the magic of the river Vrljika and everything that surrounds it!

For all other proposals and wishes we are here at Your disposal and we look forward to successful cooperation!